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Why do I have to complete my patron profile before requesting a studio visit or purchasing an artwork?

Artfare artists are working professionals, and therefore want to be sure that than an inquiry is coming from a real person with a serious, expressed interest in acquiring artwork and supporting their practice. Similarly, our artists like to prepare for studio visits by reviewing the profiles of prospective guests.

Will my profile be visible to other patrons?

Your public profile, including your portrait and a brief bio, is visible to your fellow patrons. Your full patron profile, required to message artists, as well as your activity on Artfare, are visible only to artists you message and Artfare administrators.

Who can see my full profile?

Your full profile, including your responses to our extended questionnaire, your previous Artfare purchases, and the list of artists you follow, is only visible to artists you choose to message. If you purchase a listed artwork without messaging the artist, the artist does not see your full profile.

Who can see the artists I follow or artworks I like?

Only you, Artfare administrators, and the artists you message can view the artists you follow and artworks you like.

How can I view an artwork before purchasing?

Artworks on exhibition or displayed at an event are geotagged with a unique physical address. Simply tap the location icon on your app to access the map screen. Alternatively, many Artfare artists offer studio visits to view their work in an intimate setting. To request a studio visit, message the artist.

I've purchased an artwork. How do I view my order status?

In your profile you will find a tab for purchases. Simply click the tab to check the status of your order. Artfare will also email you periodically with your order status.

How will my piece be packaged and shipped?

Artfare relies on a vetted network of professional art shippers for distribution and logistics. Across New York's five boroughs, our partners are equipped with climate-controlled warehouses. Depending on the original location of the artwork, Artfare contracts to have the piece transported to one such warehouse, where it is carefully packaged in preparation for shipment to the final destination. Artfare guarantees that artworks arrive in perfect condition—if not, we refund the entire purchase price. All Artfare artwork in transit (and in storage by our partners) is covered by our fine art insurance policy.

My artwork arrived damaged. What do I do?

We recommend inspecting artworks for integrity before accepting. If you find the artwork is compromised, you may refuse delivery. If you accept the delivery and later find that the piece was damaged in transit, we ask you to contact us promptly at with photographs of the packaging and artwork. We'll respond with further directions.

How long does delivery take?

For orders in the continental United States, standard shipping takes three to four weeks, while expedited shipping takes one week. For international and non-continental United States orders, standard shipping takes six to eight weeks, and expedited shipping is not (currently) offered. Please note: delivery times may be impacted by when artworks are available for pick-up. If such a delay occurs, we will update you promptly.

Are there additional charges associated with purchasing artwork on Artfare?

No. What you pay at check-out is final.

Can Artfare hang or install the artworks I purchase?

Some of our shipping partners offer installation services. Once we have selected the shipping partner, we will email you with shipper information to arrange your delivery, at which point you can inquire about installation. Please note: the cost of installation is not included in the price of your artwork.

Can Artfare frame the artworks I purchase?

We do not currently offer framing. However, we plan to offer framing in the near future. Please indicate at time of purchase if you would like your work shipped to a framer of your choice.

Can I return the artworks I purchase?

Artworks cannot be returned. However, you have the option to cancel your order within 12 hours of purchase by sending an email to Since most Artfare artwork is available for in-person viewing, we strongly recommend visiting artworks before purchasing.

What are the criteria for becoming an Artfare artist?

Artfare is currently by invitation only for professional artists based in New York City who maintain an active studio practice, create and show work, and have been evaluated by our curatorial team.

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