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Artist Caru Albuquerque

Caru Albuquerque

Brooklyn, NY, USA


Brazilian, b. 1976   —   For 21 years Caru Albuquerque has been developing projects as a curator, creative director, and community builder. She has organized exhibitions at the major institutions in Sao Paulo such as Oca (Ibirapuera Park; Brazilian Museum of Sculpture - MUBE; and FIESP, at Paulista ave., as well as Sesc in Campinas and Caixa Cultural in Rio de Janeiro. She also worked at the 31st Sao Paulo’s Biennale as coordinator of the Educational Program. She is the founder of Concreto, a Sao Paulo's cultural center with programming focused on urbanity with exhibitions, courses, events, and art store, and created the Subcentro Project, a project to revitalize Sao Paulo’s most degraded area through the arts and creative economy and to promote the rehabilitation of its homeless people. She wrote the Sao Paulo’s Company of Metropolitan Trains - CPTM book and the Metropolitan Enterprising of Urban Transportation – EMTU’s book. She also works with emerging artists as a mentor. In New York, she has created exhibitions, is representative of the Choque Cultural Gallery (Cultural Shock), and International Representative of the non-profit NoOSPHERE Arts.

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Published Collections

Reshaping Reality, Shaping Unreality

The representation of reality or the creation of new realities from paradigms of the physical world has always been the motto and one of the main inspirations for art. With new technologies, the desire to copy or reconstruct the world has surpassed the art world and entered our lives. Because of that, reality (what we supposedly call "real") has been reconstructed, reinvented, or mixed with fragments. Some examples for virtual and digital modified-reality are what we have as the result of tools such as photoshop and image filters. Some of these modifications even position themselves as "more real than the (so-called) reality" or as a way to substitute the physical life, as fake-reality and VR. This mechanism also happens in analog and physical contexts. Our bodies are an example, when we use analog tools like surgery, body-building, miraculous makeup and implants (like eyelashes or nails), or digital tools like photoshop and filters. This collection is focused on works that somehow bring representation or alteration of the world. You'll see pieces of reality; the reality being distorted; images faking reality, and other possibilities of reshaping and reusing both the physical and the digital world. Some works alter physical objects, transforming their physicality, but keeping them analogical. Others change digital images, resulting in another digital one. Still, others use digital images as a reference for constructing a physical object. They are a path to think about representation, fake reality, copying, false vs. real, copy and original, hybridism, excess of images, appropriation of the real, post-truth, and pseudo-realities that our society started facing some decades ago and each time more rule our life. Because what we call reality no longer allows us to assure to be the reality. And if it is reality, can we say it’s pure and original?

11/10/2021 43 items

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