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Please contact Paradice Palase for installation specifications "Within my work, I explore issues engaging space, time, objects, and their representations. I am interested in two main ideas: the camera’s frontal relationship to material space and to expand perceptions of volume, often in reference to the body. As a first generation Romanian-American raised in the Pentecostal church, I recall my religious upbringing to evoke issues of queer alienation and body dysmorphia. The constant dissatisfaction with the here and now has lead me to pursue a new queer constructivism, embracing the idea of identity as construct through the assembly of readily-available materials and the physical body. I embrace the innate characteristic of each material that I use and give cues to its handmade construction, as seen through creases, bends, and imperfections of paper and metal. The modernist-inspired compositions are recorded with a camera and the resulting photographic object, the print itself, demonstrates that sculpture can be crafted in two-dimensions. Yet, queerness is an ideal that cannot be reached; we can only contribute to its vivid light to push its boundaries. My work is a result of elaborate visual experiments, hybridizing sculpture and photography, to evoke the complexities of gender and sexuality, and visualize my experience of living both here and there, as surreal as it is real."

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51.75 x 20.00 x 27.50 in | 131.44 x 50.80 x 69.85 cm

Artwork location
Paradice Palace
1260 Broadway Storefront , Brooklyn, NY 11221


Map here
Paradice Palace
1260 Broadway Storefront, Brooklyn, NY 11221

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