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Alyssa Freitas, Living on Lite: Video Promo, 2021




3 minutes, 45 seconds looped; edition of 5 for each piece. The project Living on Lite focuses on tropes of the wellness and technology industry to explore both harmony and dissonance within the convergence of identity, wellness, and consumer technology. The piece is both a video installation that functions as a display room and a custom software of the same name. The application is used to curate digital memorabilia such as photos, and text to present an introspective media experience as opposed to a social media experience. As a whole, all elements of the project use marketing tropes of the beauty and wellness industry to illustrate an alluring false sense of trust in the product. Each individual work is built to function under a self-referential logic to communicate a lack of awareness to the world at large, a nod to the very notion of “New Age Spirituality” that fluctuates between cultural appropriation, appreciation, and evolution. The melodic slow pace, warm lighting, and monochrome palette are used to sell the program's intent to create a digital space outside of the public eye, choice fatigue, and information overload. The project operates ambiguously, reliant on a lack of specific language such as vague mantras, I invite viewers to question the blurred line between the helpful and hurtful role app development plays on an individual basis.

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film and video | installation | digital media


0.25 x 0.25 x 0.25 in | 0.63 x 0.63 x 0.63 cm

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