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Meditation, 2018




Silver Gelatin Print 20 x 20 Edition of 25 27 x 27 Edition of 7 40 x 40 Edition of 5 48 x 48 Edition of 3 In Salt + Sea, the artist intentionally places women in their most vulnerable form—naked—back into a natural environment in order to display their strength against the elements. The interaction between the two forces narrows the gap between society’s hackneyed constructs of women's place in society and the unfailing honesty of the nude form— a place where her spirit can run free. The sand and rocks are representative of the harsh cultural environment, while the water demonstrates the more  “fluid” nature of women. In addition, SALT + SEA  is a homologous study between the feminine form and the complex ecology of the ocean and its surrounding environment.  The ocean's multi-faceted cycle has often been likened to the female temperament; a great force. Our planetary bodies of water are known to be affected by the lunar cycles.  The changing moon is particularly associated with women because its regular twenty-eight-day cycle so closely matches the cycle of menstruation, intertwining blood and water. Therefore, it is no surprise that salt, a vital element of the sea, has been referred to as feminine in numerous cultural mythologies as well as embodying healing properties. The juxtaposition of black and white is representative of the sun, which is Light or Life, and the moon, DEATH, a mirror that reflects the light.  Both are essential in creating a balance between the two parallel worlds.  In addition, the polarity is symbolic of the division between our current social and monetary disparity between men and women and specifically. Thus, it is imperative that we view women as the “salt” of our communities, the essential element needed in healing this antiquated imbalance.

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27.00 x 27.00 x 0.25 in | 68.58 x 68.58 x 0.63 cm

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Studio Javiera Estrada
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